Online Tools

Encrypted Email 

ProtonMail – Secure Swiss Email Account

Clean and simple layout.

There’s a FREE and paid version.

Here’s another encrypted email option:

Tutanota – Based in Germany

FREE and paid versions.

Password Strength Tool

Here’s an example of a strong complex password +IloveEating1cEcrEAM!!_1988

Compare that with a simple, yet week password like Happy88

It’s a fun and informative site!

(Note: It’s recommended that you don’t actually type in a password you intend to use. It’s more a learning tool.)

Speaking of passwords,  recommends using the following elements to create a strong password:

  1. Upper case letters.
  2. Lower case letters.
  3. Numbers.
  4. Special characters.
  5. At least 16 characters.

And never use the same password for multiple online accounts! (Unless you want a hacker who might compromise your Facebook account to also access you Amazon account, bank account, Google account, etc.)